APD AHSA Masterclass

Training Course Offering

For SLPs Treating APD and Listening Challenges in Children

Train in therapeutic strategies and interventions with Lois Kam Heymann, M.A., CCC-SLP, National/International practitioner and trainer in Auditory Processing Disorder and Listening Challenges in Children. Author of The Sound of Hope, Recognizing, Coping with, and Treating Your Child’s Auditory Processing Disorder.

Join Lois in this unique opportunity to learn and participate in a small, personalized group (up to 5 professionals) virtually and earn 1.0 ASHA CEUs and a certificate in ListenLoveLearn therapy.

Learn the philosophies and interventions that lead to success for your students and you.

Objectives and Outcomes

  1. Describe and differentiate auditory from language-based skills.
  2. Outline and describe key elements in top-down and bottom-up intervention for APD and other auditory-based deficits.
  3. Explain and develop Integrated Lesson Plans. based on therapeutic hierarchies.
  4. Select strategies and interventions for the development of appropriate and efficient listening skills for children.
  5. Develop an appropriate treatment plan from the evaluation results.
  1. Describe and differentiate top down from bottom-up auditory-language skills.
  2. Outline and describe key elements of bottom-up intervention for APD and other auditory-based deficits.
  3. Explain how bottom-up auditory skills interact with and effect top-down language skills.
  4. Select strategies, interventions, and trainings for the development of appropriate and effective listening skills for students 7-21.

Ordered Agenda

Week 1
Differentiating APD/Listening Challenges/Language Processing/Attentional Issues

Week 2
Evaluation, Diagnosis, and understanding the Hierarchical Approach to APD and Listening Challenges

Week 3
The Integrated Lesson Plan- Bottom Up/Top Down
Treatment: Auditory Attention, Auditory Discrimination, Vocabulary

Week 4
Treatment: Auditory Memory/Auditory Sequential Memory, Phonological Awareness Hierarchy

Week 5
Auditory Cohesion
Case Studies

Week 1
Auditory Figure-Ground
Auditory Closure

Week 2
Supra-segmental/ Temporal

Week 3
Binaural Integration/Separation/Interhemispheric Transfer

Week 4
Top Down /Bottom Up

(Prerequisite Masterclass Series 1)

Offers innovative and evidenced-based strategies in working with the “bottom-up” auditory hierarchy to train the skills of:

*Auditory Figure-Ground*Suprasegmental/Temporal Processing

*Auditory Closure*Binaural Integration/Separation*Inter-Hemispheric Transfer

ASHA CE Approved Provider
Children Hearing Institute
ASHA .8 CE Approved Provider