TeacherTalks Course


TeacherTalks is a 2.5-hour course offered virtually. This course is available to teachers, administrators, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, play therapists, tutors, and support personnel. This course is geared toward working with children from Pre-K through High School.



When the teacher TALKS

—the student LISTENS

Build listening, language and literacy skills for early childhood and early elementary kids with foundational skills for academic and social success! SOUNDS FUN! impacts the development and growth of language, reading, spelling and comprehension. The ListenLoveLearn®, SOUNDS FUN! theories and Integrated Lessons easily fit into early childhood and early elementary 30 – minute sessions or periods. Speech-Language Pathologists can utilize the lessons in individual or group sessions and parents can use the lessons for learning at home with their children.


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