The ListenLoveLearn process is a step-by-step path that will develop your child’s listening skills, and unlock their true potential for language, academic success and effective social interaction. With our supportive, knowledgeable community, parents will be empowered to help their children develop and thrive.

The act of listening—using our ears and mind together to interpret and experience sound and language in the fullest possible way—is one of life’s greatest pleasures and the most valuable learning tool.

Whether a child is developing typically, has an identified hearing loss, or is challenged by an auditory processing disorder (APD), the child must learn to listen effectively to be able to sit and participate in the auditory environment of a school setting.
In short, listening is the key to success. Listening skills can, and must, be learned so your child can grow and learn.

The mission of ListenLoveLearn is to teach parents all about active listening  – providing the tools you need to understand your child’s developmental needs and to interact with your child in a focused way that will enhance his or her auditory skills. The process of ListenLoveLearn is as comforting and rewarding to parents as it is transformative.  It gives straight-forward advice and strategies, paired with detailed activities to help you connect with your child through games, reading, rhyming and playing, providing the auditory input and listening skills your child needs.

Once you understand how a child learns to listen and uses listening to learn, you’re on your way to a new perspective in your child’s development. And, as a parent, you’ll be empowered to have the positive impact on your child that you desire.
Join us on this exciting path of learning to listen…and listening to learn.