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Did you know that some children enter kindergarten understanding only 3000 words while other children enter kindergarten understanding 30000 words, which child do you think will be most successful? Did you know that children are expected by our educational system to follow three step directions by age five, that many children can barely follow one step directions? Hello, my name is Lois Kam Heymann   speech-language auditory therapist, and the name of my company is ListenLoveLearn.


I’ve been in the field of listening language therapy for over 30 years, working with children, their parents, teachers and speech language pathologists, helping children reach their highest communication potential good auditory skills are essential for language development, communication and learning.


Children with poor auditory skills may have lower vocabulary than their peers. They may have difficulty following step directions, comprehending a story and expressing themselves. ListenLoveLearn’s mission is to aid all children in developing the necessary listening and language skills to be academically and socially successful. I’ve designed the Listen Love Learn method to diagnose those children with listening language challenges. We then create a specific treatment plan to target the child’s strengths and weaknesses based on the evaluation. Following that, we develop a step by step hierarchical plan for treatment called the Integrated Lesson Plan, which integrates listening language skills and a top down and bottom up approach because of this unique approach.


Parents from all over the world seek out our evaluation and treatment for their children. I’ve evaluated and treated thousands of children and led hundreds of seminars, workshops and conferences. From my travels, I’ve discovered three very important things. Parents want their children to be the best students and communicators they can be. Children want to be happy and successful, and teachers and therapists want to help the children they work with reach their highest potential. Listening plus language plus the magical ingredient of love equals learning.


Much of them say the same thing. I really think she did. I think he was like in the rapids metaphorically, and she pulled him to the shore. You know, we tried everything we could at home to sort of help him and to understand. I worried if somebody was abusing, he was not able to share with us.

The ListenLoveLearn process is a step-by-step path that will develop a child’s listening skills, and unlock their true potential for language, academic success and effective social interaction. With our supportive, knowledgeable community, adults will be empowered to help the children in their care develop skills and thrive.

The mission of ListenLoveLearn is to teach parents and professionals about active listening – providing the tools you need to understand the child’s developmental needs and to interact with the child in a focused way that will enhance his/her auditory skills.

The process of ListenLoveLearn is as comforting and rewarding to parents and professionals as it is transformative.  It gives straightforward, hierarchical suggestions and strategies, paired with detailed activities to help you connect with and support the child.  Through games, reading, rhyming and playing, you will be providing the auditory input and listening skills the child needs.

Understanding how a child learns to listen and uses listening to learn puts you on your way to a new perspective in child development. And, as a parent or professional, you’ll be empowered to have a positive impact on the child as they acquire their developmental milestones.

The Children's Hearing Institute

Learn and Earn

ASHA CEU/Certificate Programs

Do you want to be a ListenLoveLearn® therapist?

Unique, Innovative, Evidenced-Based Training and Programs for Auditory-Language Processing in Children. 

The Children's Hearing Institute

Learn and Earn

ASHA CEU/Certificate Programs

Do you want to be a ListenLoveLearn® therapist?

Unique, Innovative, Evidenced-Based Training and Programs for Auditory-Language Processing in Children. 

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Listening, language and pre-literacy program for teachers and therapists geared toward pre-k and kindergarten students offered in small groups.

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The Act of Listening

Hearing Stages

The act of listening, using our ears and mind together to interpret and experience sound and language in the fullest possible way, is one of life’s greatest pleasures and the most valuable learning tool.

Whether a child is developing typically, has an identified hearing loss, or is challenged by an auditory processing disorder (APD), the child must learn to listen effectively to be able to sit and participate in the auditory environment of a school setting.

Certificate Program

In short, listening is the key to success. Listening skills can, and must, be learned so a child can grow and learn.


Join us on this exciting path of learning to listen…and listening to learn.
A program for teachers to learn and integrate proven techniques for building students’ listening skills in the classroom.

is the first practical guide to help parents improve their children’s listening skills so they can communicate clearly, interact well and fare better in school-whether the child has a diagnosed disorder, learning disability, or slow language development.

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